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BOLD Technology

Change sparks opportunity. Empowering travel technology, allows our partners to work collaboratively from anywhere, reducing risk & vulnerability.

Our Divisions

Whether Business or Leisure travel, BOLD's partners will have access to exclusive travel technology that will address pricing, ease and simplicity.

Team Culture

Do you, all day, everyday, without the exception of developing the habit of excellence. Integrity, customer service, and respect to all are part of the deal.

Your Brand Is Our Business

BOLD offers campaign strategies across multiple channels and high-impact customer touch points tailored to your individual business and brand.

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Simple straight forward choices

We BOLDLY partner with our emerging businesses and assist with their web development,  marketing strategies, and day-to-day digital marketing.

Choose from either a once off website development cost with the bonus maintenance package included, or a monthly instalment which includes recommended hosting, monthly site maintenance, security checks, updates and your mandatory site back-up. 

Site Maintenance

Businesses can’t afford to have slow, unresponsive or sites.  An out-of-date website is more susceptible to hacking and malware and we keep your site updated,  healthy and online.

Website maintenance can be technical and takes time – valuable time that you should rather spend working on your business, not in it.  

For a low monthly fee, we will take care of your website and other marketing needs depending on your budget and growth plan. 

Marketing support? Solved.

Here at BOLD, we know a thing or two about marketing. From building websites, managing social media, and everything in between.   

Let's Build Business. Together.

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