For holiday ideas, essential travel information and news. Preparing and inspiring you for that next Adventure.

Find top op travel tips from our team and updates on the crucial and not so fun admin like visas, passport information and even tips on what to pack.

For holiday ideas, essential travel information and news. Preparing and inspiring you for that next Adventure.

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WHy is bold so bold?

BOLD is fundamentally different on two points and both equally disruptive for the greater good of the industry and the public we serve:

For The Agent

BOLD was created in our hearts and built with our minds: We had to save the expertise of South Africa’s travel professionals by creating a company where we assist unemployed top professionals to become travel entrepreneurs. Measurable positive economic change from unemployed to business owner can only happen if we also challenge the current industry “wage model” – We rolled out the most equitable model in South Africa yet and are incredibly pleased that other companies are following our lead. We want to see a BOLD recover of the travel industry and our economy.

For The Customer

For the customer: We leverage technology to the consumer’s benefit: Ask any travel professional what their biggest frustration is, and most will likely say it’s when they lose a customer to “online booking tools” because the customer either thinks it’s cheaper or it actually is. The customer is also faced with their own conundrum (imagined or real) – they must “choose” between a cheaper online price and the convenience and safety of an agent. Neither is fair. BOLD came up with an eloquent solution! We deployed top tier technology to not only offer the same as any online price, but in many instances even cheaper. The customer gets the best price but with the added benefit of working with a travel expert. Now perhaps more than ever, customers need the best prices but also the best advice! It’s a BOLD solution!

Agent Training

For the agent: Most successful entrepreneurs mention mentorship in their journey to success. BOLD provides business coaching and mentorship to the new wave of South African travel entrepreneurs. BOLD also facilitates training to further develop business owners – training on product, technology, digital marketing, strategy and more. BOLD wants you to thrive in this new world! For the customer: BOLD’s travel experts are among the country’s top professionals. BOLD travel entrepreneurs are highly skilled and training never stops. BOLD entrepreneurs are always improving and learning in order to anticipate our customers’ needs and exceed expectations.

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