Frequently Asked Questions

Agents Corporate FAQs

What will I be selling and to whom?

We have phenomenal travel technology to sell to SMME’s. It is a corporate booking tool which will save companies money, increase productivity and ensures there is a good standard for duty of care.

Do I need to know the system in order to sell it?

No. We will obviously train you on the system, but it is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive and customers will be able to use it within minutes.

Do I earn a basic salary?

No. You work for yourself. Some BDM’s do this exclusively while others sell our technology alongside their side hustle or alongside their job and own businesses.

How do I earn?

You earn a lump sum for each sale and a portion of the transaction fees. You would also share commission if you bring customers to a travel booker at BOLD.

Would I have to pitch to a potential customer?

We are all about helping you! One of our BOLD team members can accompany you and do the sales pitch for you. Essentially all you need to do is make an appointment with the decision-maker and we will close the sale for you.

Do I need to manage the customer?

Yes, it is your account and you need to make sure the customer is happy and satisfied with the product. It is in your best interest if the customer continues using BOLD’s technology or continues booking through us.

What do I need to get started?

A: We will provide you with training, a pitch pack and some swag. All you need is your personality, a phone and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agents Leisure FAQs

How do I qualify to be a BOLD ITC?

All you need is a healthy customer base and experience on a GDS.

Would I be employed by BOLD if I join?

No, you will have our own business. We provide you with the technology and business support you need in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

Who will assist me to register my business?

We have experts that will help you set it up.

I’ve never managed my own accounting and it scares me a little.

Don’t worry. We have accountants that will help you and we have easy-to-use accounting technology.

Do I really earn 100% commission on all products?

Yes, for real! You earn 100% on ALL products.

Do you have a ticketing-only solution?

Yes we do. If you are only interested in a ticketing solution, we have one for you.

I am an experienced agent, but I am scared to run a business.

A: It’s understandable, but we provide business coaching too. You won’t be alone – we will help you.

Would I be able to book any supplier or are there restrictions?

You can book any supplier and any airline.

Are there any non-negotiable things I should know about.

Yes, good customer service and Professional Indemnity Insurance – we’ve already sourced the best insurance at the best prices for you.

What’s with all the hype around your technology?

Our technology is has the most extensive and best-priced content in the industry. This means you will always be able to offer the customer exactly what they want and at the best price. The technology is also super user-friendly and intuitive, making consulting much less time consuming and more importantly, it makes your job fun!

What happens to my customers when I want to go in leave?

We will hook you up with a “buddy” and the two of you will help one another when on leave.

I’ve been isolated for so long that I crave a healthy and authentic company culture.

You’ve come to the right place. Our CEO is completely people-centric, with a huge focus on development, mental health, reward, recognition, travel and so much more! We can even provide you with references from those who have joined BOLD and why they love being part of our diverse family.

Speaking of development – are there resources where I can invest in myself to learn more and be even more successful?

Indeed! We have the best and latest courses from thought-leaders around the world! Not to mention personal business mentorship! We are all about helping you succeed and freeing up your time to do what matters most to you.

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