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Our Travel experts are afforded superior technology, ensuring the best in prices, choices and value. At BOLD, selling dreams is a lifestyle driven by passion

Team Culture

Do you, all day, everyday, without the exception of developing the habit of excellence. Integrity, customer service, and respect to all are part of the deal.

BOLD Technology

Change sparks opportunity. Empowering travel technology, allows our partners to work collaboratively from anywhere, reducing risk & vulnerability.

Your Brand Is Our Business

BOLD offers campaign strategies across multiple channels and high-impact customer touch points tailored to your individual business and brand.

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Unmanaged Travel

Unmanaged travel with SME’s (Corporate businesses) is when they allow their travellers to manage their own travel booking. This means it’s generally adhoc, with no central booking point and one person will generally have to try and keep track of multiple credit card payments and reconciling their travel.

As we at BOLD know, business travellers tend to arrange their travel using online websites and  channels they are familiar, either from their business or personal experience, and claim it back on expenses. This creates a spider web of challenges for any SME, but appropriate corporate solutions form legacy companies are too expensive. That’s where we (you included) come in. BOLD has access to exclusive technology that will address and solve the problems of unmanaged travel in an elegant and beneficial way; something which has until now not been addressed in South Africa.

BOLD’s management is driven by a team with decades of experience.  We understand the challenges faced by the travel industry, from independent consultants, to management, to suppliers.

As a Business Development Manager (BDM) and representative of BOLD, you can find the proposal of the technology and it’s USP’s here, but for now, let’s discuss your role in shaking things up.

The traditional way of generating income through SME travel is redundant. In the old world, BDM’s would bring new business to a corporate travel manager and they would share the spoils of a very low margin. On top of that, the travel business also needs a share of that money to add to their bottom line. In a post-COVID-19 world, you are the BDM and our technology is your very own travel manager.

What makes this so BOLD and disruptive is that you earn money for every transaction your customer makes and you will earn for 12 months. We are turning your work into passive income so you have more time to pursue more clients or do what you want to do.

BOLD is here to facilitate your transition from being employed to being self-employed. We will help you, train you, present with you and meet clients with you until you feel ready to run your own show. Welcome to the hustle economy!

Together, we are BOLD

If you are keen to join our army of hustlers, now is the time. 

The time to be BOLD

The COVID-19 global pandemic fast-tracked the need for change in the travel industry. The time arrived to replace trickle-down economics with a BOLD new business model.

We are specialists in our field, offering an exclusive level of knowledge, facilitated with the latest technology to deliver an unprecedented service level at prices that won’t be beaten. ​

Lets build your business. Together.
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