Your Technology

BOLD's superior technology gives our partner businesses the edge when it comes to sourcing the best products and pricing worldwide.

Your Team

Join the industrys finest. Attracting the industry’s elite independent businesses partners, who are driven by unparalleled service-excellence.

Your Rewards

People and profit are not mutally exclusive. Your dedication and efforts are rewarded with 100% of your hard-earned commission, to do what you love most.

Your Support

From marketing to training and more, BOLD Advantages will enhance your business, supplier relationships and networking opportunities.

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Build the business of your dreams.



BOLD’s equitable business approach empowers our partner businesses, challenging the corporate greed status quo in the process. People and profit aren’t mutually exclusive.


Together, we are BOLD

Attracting  and appreciating the industry’s elite, who are driven by service-excellence. Providing an unparalleled concierge-like travel service with access to superior world-class technology and support. We build business together.

About Us

BOLD is a first of its kind in South Africa. We have assembled the finest team of Independent consultants striving to establish their own business, and provided them with superior travel technology to source the best offers. With us, your business, your customers travel safety, come first. 

The BOLD Advantage


BOLD Travel and Technology provides the best technology solutions for both the retail and corporate landscape, driving profits straight into your pocket.


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From marketing to educational events BOLD’s member support will enhance your business, supplier relationships and networking opportunities

Our Divisions

Corporate Travel

BOLD’s innovative business and corporate travel solutions empower businesses to manage all aspects of their business travel including cost-saving, productivity, expense tracking, cost-splitting and approval layers, plus the all-important duty of care towards employees.

BOLD Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel

BOLD offers the most affordable pricing and unforgettable travel experiences. Our travel experts are afforded superior technology that ensures the best prices, choices and value for money holidays. Selling dreams is not a job, at BOLD it is a lifestyle driven by passion

Partner Testimonials

The LUX collective is proud to be affiliated to the innovative and progressive brand that is BOLD. Their team is made up of industry experts and we are confident that both clients and agents alike are in excellent hands
Alexis Bekker
Managing Director
Working with BOLD's CEO for over 2 decades, they are trusted as a partner. We rely on the expertise of BOLD’s travel professionals to offer customers superior guidance. We are proud to be affiliated by this innovative brand
Marian Sandu
Managing Director
As experts in their field, customers are in great hands with BOLD. . We respect BOLD's ethical practices, not to mention the exceptional customer service they provide. We highly recommend BOLD for anyone's travel needs.
Jackie Adam
Managing Director
Lets build your business. Together.
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